Sing. Chain High Molecular Wt. Kininogen

Single Chain High Molecular Wt. Kininogen (Fitzgerald Factor)
Catalog Number: HK 1300
Size: 1.0 mg
High Molecular Weight Kininogen (HK) is a nonenzymatic cofactor of the contact activation system. HK is thought to have two functions in the contact activation system. First, HK links prekallikrein to a negatively charged surface thereby allowing activation to kallikrein by surface bound Factor α-Xlla. HK also forms a complex with Factor XI and accelerates its activation to XIa by α-Xlla. Also HK serves as a source of Bradykinin, a potent Vasoactive peptide important in hypotension studies. The protein purity is determined by SDS-PAGE

Buffer composition = 4 mM Sodium Acetate-HCl/0.15 M NaCl/pH 5.3
Extinction Coefficient (1%) = 7.01
Molecular Weight = 120,000 daltons

Sing. Chain High Molecular Wt. Kininogen Sample Certificate of Analysis
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