Catalog Number: GP2b3a
Size: 1.0 mg

Platelet membrane glycoproteins are involved in platelet adhesion and aggregation. Glycoproteins IIb and IIIa (GPIIb and GPIIIa) constitute the fibrinogen receptor and are required for platelet aggregation. ERL offers GPIIbIIIa purified from human platelets. Glycoprotein IIb consists of 2 disulfide-linked subunits GPIIb (MW = 125,000) and GPII (MW= 23,000) while GPIIIa has only one polypeptide chain (MW= 108,000). GPIIbIIIa migrates on gels as follows: GPIIb 136,000 non-reduced and 125,000 reduced. GPIIIa is 97,000 non-reduced and 108,000 reduced. Protein concentration is determined via the Bradford method.

Buffer Composition = 20 mM Tris-HCl/0.1 M NaCl/1 mM CaCl2/0.05% NaN3/50% glycerol/ pH 7.4
Extinction Coefficient (1%) = 9.1

Human GPIIbIIIa Sample Certificate of Analysis

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