Human Factor IXa Beta

Human Factor IXa β
Catalog Number: HFIXa 1080
Size: 0.5 mg

Prepared from Human Factor IX by activation with Human Factor XIa. The XIa is removed after activation. Complete activation is observed by SDS-PAGE. The Factor XIa activates Factor IX in a two-step reaction. In the first step, an internal Arg-Ala bond is cleaved, and in the second step, an Arg-Val bond is cleaved. The second cleavage leads to the liberation of an activation peptide from the NH2-terminal portion of the heavy chain to produce Factor IXaβ.

Buffer composition = 50mM MES/0.6M NaCl/pH 6.0-NaOH
Extinction Coefficient (1%) = 14.3 
Molecular Weight = 45,000 daltons


Human Factor IXa Beta Sample Certificate of Analysis