Bovine Factor V/Va

Catalog Number: BFV/Va
Size: 1.0 mg, 5.0 mg
urified from freshly collected bovine plasma using a combination of salt precipitations and column chromatography. This protein is a mixture of Factor V/Va and intermediate activation products as judged by 4-20% gradient gels. Bovine Factor Va functions as a cofactor with the serine protease Factor Xa in the activation of prothrombin. This protein may be used as a source of V/Va in the Prothrombinase complex.

Buffer composition = 20 mM HEPES-HCl/0.15 M NaCl/pH 7.4/50% glycerol
Extinction Coefficient (1%) = 9.6/17.4
Molecular Weight = 330,000; 94,000; 74,000; 71,000; 31,000 daltons
Concentration determined by BCA

Bovine Factor V/Va Sample Certificate of Analysis