Human Factor XIII

Human Factor XIII (Fibrin Stabilizing Factor)
Catalog Number: HFXIII 1313
Size: 0.25 mg, 1.0 mg
Human Factor XIII is a tetramer composed of two pairs of chains held together by noncovalent bonds. After activation of the zymogen via Thrombin to its active enzyme form, Factor XIIIa is responsible for catalyzing the formation of covalent bridges between fibrin units to increase the elasticity of the clot network. The resulting cross-linked fibrin is very insoluble and resistant to lysis.

Buffer composition =50 mM Tris-HCl/0.1 M NaCl/1 mM EDTA/10u/mL aprotinin/20% glycerol/pH 7.5
Extinction Coefficient (1%)=13.8
Molecular Weight = 320,000 daltons

Human Factor XIII Sample Certificate of Analysis
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