Human Plasmin

Human Plasmin
Catalog Number: HPlasmin
Size: 1.0 mg
Prepared from Glu-Plasminogen using urokinase, coupled resin. Purity is judged by SDS-PAGE. Plasmin is a two-chain serine protease linked by 2 disulfide bonds. Among other roles, plasmin is responsible for the lysis of the fibrin clot, thus producing fibrin degradation products (FDP’s).

Buffer composition = 50mM Hepes/50mM Sodium Acetate/pH 8.5/50% Glycerol
Extinction Coefficient (1%) = 17.0
Molecular Weight = 83,000 daltons

Note: Plasmin requires -20° C storage due to the buffer containing 50% glycerol.

Human Plasmin Sample Certificate of Analysis